staticfile 0.5.0

Static file serving for Iron.

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Static file-serving handler for the Iron web framework.


This example uses the mounting handler to serve files from several directories.

let mut mount = Mount::new();

// Serve the shared JS/CSS at /
mount.mount("/", Static::new(Path::new("target/doc/")));
// Serve the static file docs at /doc/
mount.mount("/doc/", Static::new(Path::new("target/doc/staticfile/")));
// Serve the source code at /src/
mount.mount("/src/", Static::new(Path::new("target/doc/src/staticfile/")));


See examples/ for a complete example that you can compile.


  • Serve static files from a given path.

It works well in combination with the mounting handler.


If you're using a Cargo.toml to manage dependencies, just add the staticfile package to the [dependencies] section of the toml:

staticfile = "*"

Otherwise, cargo build, and the rlib will be in your target directory.


Along with the online documentation, you can build a local copy with cargo doc.

Get Help

One of us (@reem, @zzmp, @theptrk, @mcreinhard) is usually on #iron on the mozilla irc. Come say hi and ask any questions you might have. We are also usually on #rust and #rust-webdev.