ssd-benchmark 1.0.0

Super Simple Disk Benchmark - benchmarks the writing performance of your disk.
ssd-benchmark-1.0.0 is not a library.

Super Simple Disk Benchmark

inspired by simple disk benchmark.

This tool has just one single purpose, it measures the writing performance of your hard disk on macOS and Linux. More precisely spoken of the disk under your CWD.

It used random data from /dev/random and writes first sequentially chunks of 4MB until a total 4GB is written. It measures writing time and throughput.

After that it writes this random data 8 times again on disk and measures the average writing times and throughput for this.

Quick Start


To install the ssd-benchmark tool, you just need to run

cargo install --force ssd-benchmark

(--force just makes it update to the latest version if it's already installed)

to verify if the installation went through, you can run ssd-benchmark that should output similar to



$ ssd-benchmark

###             Super Simple Disk Benchmark              ###
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Filling buffer with 4 MB random data...
Initilisation of buffer done        6 ms

Starting benchmark...

Perform sequential writing of total 4096 MB in 4 MB chunks...
 Total time                         12326 ms
 Throughput                         341.33334 MB/s

Perform 8 cycles of writing of 4096 MB...
 Cycle 1 time                       9905 ms
 Throughput                         413.52853 MB/s
 Cycle 2 time                       11242 ms
 Throughput                         364.348 MB/s
 Cycle 3 time                       12325 ms
 Throughput                         332.33267 MB/s
 Cycle 4 time                       11174 ms
 Throughput                         366.56522 MB/s
 Cycle 5 time                       13384 ms
 Throughput                         306.03708 MB/s
 Cycle 6 time                       11482 ms
 Throughput                         356.73227 MB/s
 Cycle 7 time                       14958 ms
 Throughput                         273.8334 MB/s
 Cycle 8 time                       11216 ms
 Throughput                         365.1926 MB/s

 Total time                         95690 ms
 Average write time                 11961 ms
 Average throughput                 342.4463 MB/s

The great thing is, there are no parameters or options.

Missing something?

If you miss a feature file an issue on github and don't forget to star the repo.