spurs 0.1.3

Utilities for setting up and running experiments remotely


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Utilities for setting up and running experiments remotely.

This is kind of a "living repo". I will add to it utilities as I find them useful (or people submit PRs).

It is heavily inspired by spur.py but it also contains a bunch of utility routines that I have found useful.


  • A straight-forward, well-typed, idiomatic interface for running commands remotely via SSH, similar to spur.py.
  • Utilities for common Linux admin operations, such as adding a user to a group or turning on a swap device or installing a package. This is by no means a complete set of such functions. So far it just includes the ones I have run into. Feel free to make PRs adding more.


use spurs::{cmd, ssh::SshShell};

let host = "";
let shell = SshShell::with_default_key(username, host)?;

const FOO: &str = "foo";

shell.run(cmd!("ps -e | grep {}", FOO).use_bash())?;
shell.run(cmd!("ls -a | grep user").cwd("/home/user/").use_bash())?;


Add the crate spurs to your Cargo.toml dependencies.

This crate uses Rust 2018, so it's unstable until December 2018, but at that time, I believe it should become usable on stable rust.