spielrs_diff 0.2.1

It is a library which compare two direcories or two files asynchronously

Spielrs Diff

It is a library which compare two directories or two files asynchronously through tokio and return true in case that both are different. Useful to create watchers in the servers

How install it

  1. add the dependency in the Cargo.toml file of the project:
spielrs_diff = "0.2"


Dir comparation

use spielrs_diff::dir_diff;
async fn should_return_true_if_both_dir_tree_are_different() {
   let diff = dir_diff(
   assert_eq!(diff, true);

File comparation

use spielrs_diff::{file_diff, diff::FileDiff};
async fn should_return_true_if_both_files_are_not_equal() {
    let diff = file_diff(FileDiff {
        file: "./mocks/dir_one/vlang/purpose/purpose.txt".to_string(),
        file_comp: "./mocks/dir_five/vlang/purpose/purpose.txt".to_string(),
    assert_eq!(diff, true);


Spielrs Diff is MIT licensed. See license