sled 0.15.16

a flash-sympathetic persistent lock-free B+ tree failed to build sled-0.15.16
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Visit the last successful build: sled-1.0.0-alpha.118

sled is a flash-sympathetic persistent lock-free B+ tree.


let config = sled::ConfigBuilder::new().temporary(true).build();

let t = sled::Tree::start(config).unwrap();

t.set(b"yo!".to_vec(), b"v1".to_vec());
assert_eq!(t.get(b"yo!"), Ok(Some(b"v1".to_vec())));

    b"yo!".to_vec(),       // key
    Some(b"v1".to_vec()),  // old value, None for not present
    Some(b"v2".to_vec()),  // new value, None for delete

let mut iter = t.scan(b"a non-present key before yo!");
assert_eq!(, Some(Ok((b"yo!".to_vec(), b"v2".to_vec()))));
assert_eq!(, None);

assert_eq!(t.get(b"yo!"), Ok(None));