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Ooh, shiny!

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Shiny makes you less distracted with copying over initializarion code in test cases. It also has a fancy syntax similar to ruby's rspec or Objective-C's kiwi.


Install in usual way with cargo.


Add shiny crate:

#[cfg(test)] #[phase(plugin,link)] extern crate shiny;

Write your shiny test case:

mod test {
    before_each {
      let awesome = true;

    it "is awesome" {

    it "injects before_each into all test cases" {
      let still_awesome = awesome;

all the items from before_each are inserted as is into generated test case functions. Mind the final semicolon in before_each block!


  • add support for context to do recursive prologue injections
  • better filtering for test case name


Shiny is distributed under Apache-2.0, see LICENSE for more details.