sha1_smol 1.0.1

Minimal dependency-free implementation of SHA1 for Rust.

sha1-smol License rustc 1.31.0 Documentation

Minimal and dependency free implementation of SHA1 for Rust.

SHA1 is not exactly a good choice for crypto hashes these days but unfortunately SHA1 continues to be needed for a handful of situations due to legacy functionality. If you have the need for a SHA1 implementation that does not pull in large dependency chains you might want to consider this crate.

In all other cases use the new sha1 crate by the RustCrypto project instead.

sha1 crate

This crate used to be published as sha1 but in recent years a large ecosystem of hash libraries was built around RustCrypto so the crate name was given to that project instead. Versions newer than 0.6 of sha1.

This is largely based on the hash code in crypto-rs by Koka El Kiwi.

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