scurry 0.5.0

A component-based object-oriented language


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Scurry is an dynamically typed component-based object-oriented language, written in Rust. Scurry is still under active development and thus more features will be available soon.


That was a mouthful. So what can it actually do?


Here are the key design philosophies of Scurry:

  • Strictly component-based. Objects in Scurry only support component-based design
  • Limits mutable state. The objects that own the state are the only ones that can mutate it directly.
  • Intuitive. Scurry's syntax is predictable and minimal. Think Python with some elements of C.
  • Method-based. Scurry encourages clean method-based APIs in small, reusable components.


Official documentation and a tutorial is coming soon!


Currently, Scurry can be downloaded with the following methods.


Must have the Rust toolchain installed.

$ cargo install scurry


Must have the Rust toolchain installed.

$ git clone
$ cd scurry
$ cargo build --release
$ # Now put the binary wherever you'd like!


Scurry is licensed under the MIT License.