scte35-reader 0.14.0

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scte35-reader version

Parser data formatted according to SCTE-35.

For an example of usage, see the scte35dump tool.

Supported syntax

A subset of possible SCTE-35 syntax is currently handled:

  • splice_info_section()
    • encrypted_packet - ❌ decryption of encrypted SCTE-35 data is not supported


  • splice_null()
  • splice_schedule()
  • splice_insert()
  • time_signal()
  • bandwidth_reservation()
  • private_command()


  • avail_descriptor
  • DTMF_descriptor
  • segmentation_descriptor
  • time_descriptor
  • Reserved - Descriptors with tags values that are 'reserved' in SCTE-35 are supported in the sense that the application gets access to the descriptor byte values, and can parse them with application-specific logic.