screenshot 0.0.7

Get a bitmap image of any display. failed to build screenshot-0.0.7
Please check build logs and if you believe this is' fault, report into this issue report.


Get a bitmap image of any display in Rust. This crate is hosted on

Contributions welcome!


extern crate image;
extern crate screenshot;
use screenshot::get_screenshot;

fn main() {
	let s = get_screenshot(0).unwrap();

	println!("{} x {}", s.width(), s.height());

		s.as_slice(), s.width() as u32, s.height() as u32, image::RGBA(8))


Known Issues

  • Can leak memory on certain failure conditions.
  • The BMP Image in the example is rotated +90 degrees because I don't adjust for BMP idiosyncrasy.
  • The PNG Image in the example has its R & B channels exchanged because PistonDevelopers/image doesn't support ARGB pixels.