rustpython-parser 0.1.2

Parser for python code.
//! This crate can be used to parse python sourcecode into a so
//! called AST (abstract syntax tree).
//! The stages involved in this process are lexical analysis and
//! parsing. The lexical analysis splits the sourcecode into
//! tokens, and the parsing transforms those tokens into an AST.
//! For example, one could do this:
//! ```
//! use rustpython_parser::{parser, ast};
//! let python_source = "print('Hello world')";
//! let python_ast = parser::parse_expression(python_source).unwrap();
//! ```

#![doc(html_logo_url = "")]
#![doc(html_root_url = "")]

extern crate log;
use lalrpop_util::lalrpop_mod;

pub mod ast;
pub mod error;
mod fstring;
mod function;
pub mod lexer;
pub mod location;
pub mod mode;
pub mod parser;
pub mod token;