rustfmt-nightly 1.4.11

Tool to find and fix Rust formatting issues
# Running Rustfmt from IntelliJ or CLion

## Installation

- Install [CLion](, [IntelliJ Ultimate or CE]( through the direct download link or using the [JetBrains Toolbox](
  CLion provides a built-in debugger interface but its not free like IntelliJ CE - which does not provide the debugger interface. (IntelliJ seems to lack the toolchain for that, see this discussion [intellij-rust/issues/535](
- Install the [Rust Plugin]( by navigating to File -> Settings -> Plugins and press "Install JetBrains Plugin"

- Press "Install" on the rust plugin
  ![install rust](
- Restart CLion/IntelliJ

## Configuration

- Open the settings window (File -> Settings) and search for "reformat"
- Right-click on "Reformat File with Rustfmt" and assign a keyboard shortcut

- Press "OK"
- Done. You can now use rustfmt in an opened *.rs file with your previously specified shortcut