rustfmt-nightly 1.4.11

Tool to find and fix Rust formatting issues
# Running Rustfmt from Atom

## RLS

Rustfmt is included with the Rust Language Server, itself provided by [ide-rust](

`apm install ide-rust`

Once installed a file is formatted with `ctrl-shift-c` or `cmd-shift-c`, also available in context menu.

## atom-beautify

Another way is to install [Beautify](, you
can do this by running `apm install atom-beautify`.

There are 2 settings that need to be configured in the atom beautifier configuration.

-  Install rustfmt as per the [readme](
-  Open the atom beautifier settings

   Go to Edit->Preferences. Click the packages on the left side and click on setting for atom-beautifier

-  Set rustfmt as the beautifier

   Find the setting labeled *Language Config - Rust - Default Beautifier* and make sure it is set to rustfmt as shown below. You can also set the beautifier to auto format on save here.

-  Set the path to your rustfmt location

   Find the setting labeled *Rust - Rustfmt Path*. This setting is towards the bottom and you will need to scroll a bit. Set it to the path for your rustfmt executable.