rustc-llvm-proxy 0.2.0

Dynamically proxy LLVM calls into Rust own shared library

Rustc LLVM Proxy

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Dynamically proxy LLVM calls into Rust own shared library! 🎉

Use cases

Normally there is no much need for the crate, except a couple of exotic cases:

  • Your crate is some kind build process helper that leverages LLVM (e.g. ptx-linker),
  • Your crate needs to stay up to date with Rust LLVM version (again ptx-linker),
  • You would prefer not to have dependencies on host LLVM libs (as always ptx-linker).


First, you need to make sure no other crate links your binary against system LLVM library. In case you are using llvm-sys, this can be achieved with a special feature:

version = "60"
features = ["no-llvm-linking", "disable-alltargets-init"]

Then all you need to do is to include the crate into your project:

rustc-llvm-proxy = "0.2"
extern crate rustc_llvm_proxy;