rustc-ap-syntax 487.0.0

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//! Allows the buffering of lints for later.
//! Since we cannot have a dependency on `librustc`, we implement some types here that are somewhat
//! redundant. Later, these types can be converted to types for use by the rest of the compiler.

use crate::syntax::ast::NodeId;
use syntax_pos::MultiSpan;

/// Since we cannot import `LintId`s from `rustc::lint`, we define some Ids here which can later be
/// passed to `rustc::lint::Lint::from_parser_lint_id` to get a `rustc::lint::Lint`.
pub enum BufferedEarlyLintId {
    /// Usage of `?` as a macro separator is deprecated.

/// Stores buffered lint info which can later be passed to `librustc`.
pub struct BufferedEarlyLint {
    /// The span of code that we are linting on.
   pub span: MultiSpan,

   /// The lint message.
   pub msg: String,

   /// The `NodeId` of the AST node that generated the lint.
   pub id: NodeId,

   /// A lint Id that can be passed to `rustc::lint::Lint::from_parser_lint_id`.
   pub lint_id: BufferedEarlyLintId,