rustc-ap-rustc_span 708.0.0

Automatically published version of the package `rustc_span` in the rust-lang/rust repository from commit a4e595db8f12f9ee926256745d757004b850703f The publishing script for this crate lives at:

Source positions and related helper functions.

Important concepts in this module include:

  • the span, represented by [SpanData] and related types;
  • source code as represented by a [SourceMap]; and
  • interned strings, represented by [Symbol]s, with some common symbols available statically in the [sym] module.

Unlike most compilers, the span contains not only the position in the source code, but also various other metadata, such as the edition and macro hygiene. This metadata is stored in [SyntaxContext] and [ExpnData].


This API is completely unstable and subject to change.