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rust-keylock is a password manager and its goals are to be:

  • Secure
  • Simple to use
  • Portable
  • Extensible

The core logic is written in Rust, but the presentation/User interaction parts are in different languages.


The project has not yet received any formal / official security reviews. Use it at your own risk.



  • The data is locked with a user-defined master password, using bcrypt password hashing
  • Encryption using AES with CTR mode
  • Data integrity checks with SHA3 (Keccak)
  • During runtime, the passwords are kept encrypted in memory
  • During runtime, the encryption keys are stored in safe, non-swappable memory
  • Upon saving, the encryption keys change, even if the user master password remains the same. This results to different encrypted products, even if the data that is being encrypted is the same.
  • Passphrases generation using Diceware.
  • Passwords health check against pwned passwords list, leveraging the k-anonimity API.

Data Availability

  • Synchronization over Dropbox
  • Synchronization over Nextcloud or Owncloud
  • Export/import encrypted passwords to/from the filesystem
  • Automatic local backups

Application Portability

See how to download and install.


On the Project website.


On the Project website.