rust_decimal 0.5.1

A Decimal Implementation written in pure Rust suitable for financial calculations.

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A Decimal implementation written in pure Rust suitable for financial calculations that require significant integral and fractional digits with no round-off errors.

The binary representation consists of a 96 bit integer number, a scaling factor used to specify the decimal fraction and a 1 bit sign. Because of this representation, trailing zeros are preserved and may be exposed when in string form. These can be truncated using the round_dp function.



Currently, creating the decimal requires either specifying the scale upon creation, using a standard primitive type or parsing a string.

let scaled = Decimal::new(202, 2); // 2.02
let from_string = Decimal::from_str("2.02").unwrap(); // 2.02
let my_int : Decimal = 3i32.into();

Future versions will investigate the use of compiler extensions and macros to simplify this process.