rust-version-info-file 0.1.2

generating one file includes rustc version and cargo tree


output rust version info file

This crate is the presents, the file output of rustc --version and cargo tree command.


Please write the following code in the

use rust_version_info_file::rust_version_info_file;

fn main() {
    rust_version_info_file("target/rust-version-info.txt", "Cargo.toml");

And you get the file as result it.

cat target/rust-version-info-file.txt

On debian package

In Cargo.toml

assets = [
    ["target/rust-version-info.txt", "usr/share/doc/your_package/", "644"],
    ["", "usr/share/doc/your_package/", "644"],

License: MIT OR Apache-2.0