ruspiro-error 0.1.1

Definition of the Error trait and error handling related types to make error handling more convinient. This is some kind of the duplicate of the rust ``std::error::*`` stuff which does not work in ``#![no_std]`` environments. However, it is assumed that if this crate is used as a dependencie there will be an allocator provided when building the final binary.

RusPiRo Error Handling traits

Providing the Error trait like std::error::Error for ![no_std] embedded environments that come at least with an allocator implementation.

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To use the crate just add the following dependency to your Cargo.toml file:

ruspiro-error = "0.1.1"


When using this crate to build a final binary the crate graph need to contain an allocator implementation. The one used within the RusPiRo family of crates is ruspiro-allocator


Licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0, (LICENSE-APACHE or or MIT (LICENSE-MIT or at your choice.