rsndfile 0.0.1

libsndfile bindings for Rust (αlpha)

rsndfile, libsndfile bindings for Rust

currently very alpha

This is a crate to provide basic libsndfile bindings for Rust. Currently, it's not very developed and is only useful for extremely basic playback. It works, though. Sort of.

Warning: this crate may be terribly unsafe

I don't think it does anything bad, but if your program blows up because you used this crappy alpha code, I will laugh at you.


extern crate rsndfile;
use rsndfile::SndFile;

fn main() {
    let sf = SndFile::open("file.aiff").unwrap();
    let mut buf = [f32; 500] = [0.0; 500];
    sf.into_slice_float(&mut buf, 500);


$ cargo doc