riscv-rt 0.6.1

Minimal runtime / startup for RISC-V CPU's
#include "asm.h"

    Entry point of all programs (_start).

    It initializes DWARF call frame information, the stack pointer, the
    frame pointer (needed for closures to work in start_rust) and the global
    pointer. Then it calls _start_rust.

.section .init, "ax"
.global _start

    .cfi_undefined ra

    csrw mie, 0
    csrw mip, 0

    li  x1, 0
    li  x2, 0
    li  x3, 0
    li  x4, 0
    li  x5, 0
    li  x6, 0
    li  x7, 0
    li  x8, 0
    li  x9, 0
    li  x10,0
    li  x11,0
    li  x12,0
    li  x13,0
    li  x14,0
    li  x15,0
    li  x16,0
    li  x17,0
    li  x18,0
    li  x19,0
    li  x20,0
    li  x21,0
    li  x22,0
    li  x23,0
    li  x24,0
    li  x25,0
    li  x26,0
    li  x27,0
    li  x28,0
    li  x29,0
    li  x30,0
    li  x31,0

    .option push
    .option norelax
    la gp, __global_pointer$
    .option pop

    // Check hart id
    csrr a2, mhartid
    lui t0, %hi(_max_hart_id)
    add t0, t0, %lo(_max_hart_id)
    bgtu a2, t0, abort

    // Allocate stacks
    la sp, _stack_start
    lui t0, %hi(_hart_stack_size)
    add t0, t0, %lo(_hart_stack_size)
    mul t0, a2, t0
    sub sp, sp, t0

    // Set frame pointer
    add s0, sp, zero

    // Set trap handler
    la t0, _start_trap
    csrw mtvec, t0

    jal zero, _start_rust


    Trap entry point (_start_trap)

    Saves caller saved registers ra, t0..6, a0..7, calls _start_trap_rust,
    restores caller saved registers and then returns.
.section .trap, "ax"
.global _start_trap

    addi sp, sp, -16*REGBYTES

    STORE ra, 0*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE t0, 1*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE t1, 2*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE t2, 3*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE t3, 4*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE t4, 5*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE t5, 6*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE t6, 7*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE a0, 8*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE a1, 9*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE a2, 10*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE a3, 11*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE a4, 12*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE a5, 13*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE a6, 14*REGBYTES(sp)
    STORE a7, 15*REGBYTES(sp)

    jal ra, _start_trap_rust

    LOAD ra, 0*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD t0, 1*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD t1, 2*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD t2, 3*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD t3, 4*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD t4, 5*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD t5, 6*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD t6, 7*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD a0, 8*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD a1, 9*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD a2, 10*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD a3, 11*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD a4, 12*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD a5, 13*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD a6, 14*REGBYTES(sp)
    LOAD a7, 15*REGBYTES(sp)

    addi sp, sp, 16*REGBYTES

/* Make sure there is an abort when linking */
.section .init
.globl abort
    j abort