riker-default 0.2.4

Riker's default Model and modules providing core services

Riker Default Model


This is default model that provides default modules for all core services. In many cases this model works well even for production environments.

If you're looking for the main Riker repository please see Riker.

The official Riker documentation explains how to use the features that these modules provide. You can find the documentation here.

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To use the default model in your actor system:

extern crate riker;
extern crate riker_default;
use riker::actors::*;
use riker_default::DefaultModel;
// Get a default model with String as the message type
let model: DefaultModel<String> = DefaultModel::new();
let sys = ActorSystem::new(&model).unwrap();


Default modules are maintained as part of the same git repository but each is a separate crate. This allows custom models to use individual modules without needing to pull in other crates.