rich-sdl2-rust 0.1.0

The sdl2 wrapper for Rust. failed to build rich-sdl2-rust-0.1.0
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The sdl2 wrapper for Rust.


It won't be the binding, but the wrapper library for SDL2.


There's no plans to support SDL_image, SDL_mixer and so on right now.

  • Video
    • Display and Video (without GL context)
    • 2D Rendering
    • Pixel Format and Conversion
    • Geometry
    • Surface
    • Clipboard
    • Vulkan
    • Metal
  • Input Event
    • Handling
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • Joystick
    • Game Controller
    • Sensor
  • Haptic
  • Audio
  • Timer
  • File
  • Hinting