ref_thread_local 0.1.1

A macro for declaring thread-local `static`s like using both of `lazy_static!` and `RefCell`

A macro for declaring thread-local statics like using both of lazy_static! and RefCell

Using this macro, you can have thread-local statics be referenced by borrow() function like using a RefCell.

You may also initialize or destroy a static variable at any time you like.

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Getting Started is available on It is recommended to look there for the newest released version, as well as links to the newest builds of the docs.

At the point of the last update of this README, the latest published version could be used like this:

Add the following dependency to your Cargo manifest...

ref_thread_local = "0.0"

...and see the docs for how to use it.


extern crate ref_thread_local;
use ref_thread_local::RefThreadLocal;

ref_thread_local! {
    static managed NUMBER: i32 = 233;

fn main() {
    let x = NUMBER.borrow(); // a Ref<'a, i32>
    println!("The number is {}.", x);


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