redis 0.8.0

Redis driver for Rust.


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Redis-rs is a high level redis library for Rust. It provides convenient access to all Redis functionality through a very flexible but low-level API. It uses a customizable type conversion trait so that any operation can return results in just the type you are expecting. This makes for a very pleasant development experience.

The crate is called redis and you can depend on it via cargo:

redis = "0.5.3"

Documentation on the library can be found at

Basic Operation

To open a connection you need to create a client and then to fetch a connection from it. In the future there will be a connection pool for those, currently each connection is separate and not pooled.

Many commands are implemented through the Commands trait but manual command creation is also possible.

extern crate redis;
use redis::Commands;

fn fetch_an_integer() -> redis::RedisResult<isize> {
    // connect to redis
    let client = try!(redis::Client::open("redis://"));
    let con = try!(client.get_connection());
    // throw away the result, just make sure it does not fail
    let _ : () = try!(con.set("my_key", 42));
    // read back the key and return it.  Because the return value
    // from the function is a result for integer this will automatically
    // convert into one.


If you want to develop on the library there are a few commands provided by the makefile:

To build:

$ make

To test:

$ make test

To run benchmarks:

$ make bench

To build the docs:

$ make docs