recrypt 0.13.1

A pure-Rust implementation of Transform Encryption, a Proxy Re-encryption scheme
//! Convenience re-export of common structs and traits needed for using Recrypt
//! ```
//! use recrypt::prelude::*;
//! let recrypt: Recrypt<Sha256, Ed25519, RandomBytes<_>> = Recrypt::new();
//! ```

// necessary for instantiating and storing a Recrypt as a struct member
pub use crate::api::Ed25519;
pub use crate::api::RandomBytes;
pub use crate::api::Recrypt;
pub use crate::api::Sha256;

// traits that define functionality on Recrypt
pub use crate::api::CryptoOps;
pub use crate::api::Ed25519Ops;
pub use crate::api::KeyGenOps;
pub use crate::api::SchnorrOps;