readwrite 0.2.0

Combine Read and Write into a single Read+Write object


Given two things, one of which implements std::io::Read and other implements std::io::Write, make a single socket-like object which implements Read + Write. Note that you can't write to it while waiting for data to come from read part.

Example: generate a virtual socketpair.

fn main() {
    extern crate pipe;
    extern crate readwrite;

    let (r1,w1) = pipe::pipe();
    let (r2,w2) = pipe::pipe();
    let (s1,s2) = (ReadWrite::new(r1,w2), ReadWrite::new(r2,w1));

There is also async implementation for combining tokio::io::AsyncRead and tokio::io::AsyncWrite into a AsyncRead + AsyncWrite. Enable the non-default tokio Cargo feature for it to work: Similarly there is futures::io::AsyncRead/AsyncWrite version gated under asyncstd Cargo feature.

readwrite = {version="0.1.1", features=["tokio"]}

See also

  • duplexify - alternative implementation for async-std
  • Use version 0.1 of this crate for old tokio-core support. tokio 0.1 is not supported.