rawr 0.1.1

Rust API Wrapper for Reddit
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Welcome to rawr, the Rust API Wrapper for Reddit. This library provides simple, pain-free access to the Reddit API in Rust. If you want to create a Reddit bot, scrape data from the API or create a web application powered by Reddit's API, rawr can help to do this simply and effectively.


  • Support for password-based authentication (with OAuth support, so your app is future-proof!) and anonymous authentication.
  • Iterable post and comment listings that automatically fetch data from the API as necessary.
  • 'Streams' to fetch the latest threads/comments/messages that update automatically by polling the API - ideal for bots that react to new posts.


extern crate rawr;
use rawr::prelude::*;
fn main() {
    // Creates a new client to access the reddit API. You need to set a user agent so Reddit knows
    // who is using this client.
    let client = RedditClient::new("your user agent here", AnonymousAuthenticator::new());
    // Access the subreddit /r/rust.
    let subreddit = client.subreddit("rust");
    // Gets the hot listing of /r/rust. If the API request fails, we will panic with `expect`.
    let mut hot_listing = subreddit.hot(ListingOptions::default()).expect("Could not fetch post listing!");
    // Iterates through the top 50 posts of /r/rust. If you do not `take(n)`, this iterator will
    // continue forever!
    for post in hot_listing.take(50) {
        println!("{}", post.title());