rand_regex 0.17.0

Generates random strings and byte strings matching a regex


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Generates random strings and byte strings matching a regex.


use rand::{SeedableRng, Rng};

let mut rng = rand_xorshift::XorShiftRng::from_seed(*b"The initial seed");

// creates a generator for sampling strings
let gen = rand_regex::Regex::compile(r"\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}", 100).unwrap();

// sample a few strings randomly
let samples = (&mut rng).sample_iter(&gen).take(3).collect::<Vec<String>>();

// all Unicode characters are included when sampling
assert_eq!(samples, vec![

// you could use `regex_syntax::Hir` to include more options
let mut parser = regex_syntax::ParserBuilder::new().unicode(false).build();
let hir = parser.parse(r"\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}").unwrap();
let gen = rand_regex::Regex::with_hir(hir, 100).unwrap();
let samples = (&mut rng).sample_iter(&gen).take(3).collect::<Vec<String>>();
assert_eq!(samples, vec![


rand_regex is heavily inspired by regex_generate and proptest.