rand 0.5.6

Random number generators and other randomness functionality.

  # At the time this was added AppVeyor was having troubles with checking
  # revocation of SSL certificates of sites like static.rust-lang.org and what
  # we think is crates.io. The libcurl HTTP client by default checks for
  # revocation on Windows and according to a mailing list [1] this can be
  # disabled.
  # The `CARGO_HTTP_CHECK_REVOKE` env var here tells cargo to disable SSL
  # revocation checking on Windows in libcurl. Note, though, that rustup, which
  # we're using to download Rust here, also uses libcurl as the default backend.
  # Unlike Cargo, however, rustup doesn't have a mechanism to disable revocation
  # checking. To get rustup working we set `RUSTUP_USE_HYPER` which forces it to
  # use the Hyper instead of libcurl backend. Both Hyper and libcurl use
  # schannel on Windows but it appears that Hyper configures it slightly
  # differently such that revocation checking isn't turned on by default.
  # [1]: https://curl.haxx.se/mail/lib-2016-03/0202.html

  - TARGET: x86_64-pc-windows-msvc
  - TARGET: i686-pc-windows-msvc
  - appveyor DownloadFile https://win.rustup.rs/ -FileName rustup-init.exe
  - rustup-init.exe -y --default-host %TARGET% --default-toolchain nightly
  - set PATH=%PATH%;C:\Users\appveyor\.cargo\bin
  - rustc -V
  - cargo -V

build: false

  - cargo test --all # cannot use --all and --features together
  - cargo test --all --benches
  - cargo test --features serde1,log,nightly
  - cargo test --tests --no-default-features --features=alloc,serde1
  - cargo test --package rand_core --no-default-features --features=alloc,serde1