protobuf-codegen-pure 2.28.0

Pure-rust codegen for protobuf using protobuf-parser crate WIP
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# API to generate `.rs` files

This API does not require `protoc` command present in `$PATH`.

extern crate protoc_rust;

fn main() {
        .inputs(&["protos/a.proto", "protos/b.proto"])
        .expect("Codegen failed.");

And in `Cargo.toml`:

protobuf-codegen-pure = "2"

It is advisable that `protobuf-codegen-pure` build-dependecy version be the same as
`protobuf` dependency.

The alternative is to use [`protoc-rust`]( crate
which uses `protoc` command for parsing (so it uses the same parser
Google is using in their protobuf implementations).

# Version 2

This is documentation for version 2 of the crate.

In version 3, this API is moved to
[`protobuf-codegen` crate](

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