proto_cli 0.23.2

A multi-language version manager, a unified toolchain.
proto_cli-0.23.2 is not a library.


proto is a pluggable next-generation version manager for multiple programming languages. A unified toolchain.

proto powers moon's toolchain!

Why use proto?

  • Lightspeed! With Rust, we can guarantee exceptional performance.
  • Multi-language. A single CLI for managing versions for all of your languages.
  • Cross-platform, for a consistent experience across machines and teams.
  • Contextual version detection, ensuring the correct version of a tool is always used.
  • Checksum verification, ensuring a tool came from a trusted source.
  • Detects and infers from a language's ecosystem for maximum compatibility.
  • Pluggable architecture via WASM, enabling custom integrations.

Supported languages