ppapi 0.1.2

Rust idiomatic bindings to parts of the Pepper API
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Rusted Pepper

Rust idiomatic bindings to the Pepper API. This API is experimental. Expect it to change somewhat.



You'll need to build and install the PNaCl/NaCl Rust fork first. Then run:

export NACL_SDK_ROOT=path/to/pepper_39

Lastly, run:

cargo build --target le32-unknown-nacl

And profit!

Don't run build.sh. It is used to update FFI bindings.

Getting Started

Taken from pnacl-hello-world:

#![crate_name = "pnacl-hello-world"]
#![crate_type = "bin"]

extern crate ppapi;

use std::collections::HashMap;

#[cfg(target_os = "nacl")]
// Called when an instance is created.
// This is called from a new task. It is perfectly "safe" to panic!() here, or in
// any callback (though it will result in instance termination).
pub extern fn ppapi_instance_created(_instance: ppapi::Instance,
                                     _args: HashMap<String, String>) {
    println!("Hello, world!");

pub extern fn ppapi_instance_destroyed() {


Unsupported due to rust-ppapi's use of threads.