pokerlookup 0.1.2

Contains the means to generate a large lookup table, which can be subsequently used to evaluate large amounts of 5, 6 and 7 card poker hands really fast.


A library which provides the means to generate a large lookup table (about 124MB), which can be dumped to and loaded from a file. 5, 6 and 7 card poker hands can be evaluated using this table with impressive throughput.

The crate is called pokerlookup and you can depend on it via cargo:

git = ""


Before running tests, execute the following command from the project root directory, to generate a HandRank.dat file. This will take a while. Not too long.

# or this, to get the results way faster:
$ cargo build --release
$ ./target/release/generate

Arguably, you could also try cargo run, but this will be painfully slow due to the debug build mode. Only if you want to wait a good while.

Afterwards the tests should run through successfully, evaluating all possible 5-card poker hands

$ cargo test


The md5 sum of the generated HandRanks.dat file should be 5003cf3e6d5c9b8ee77094e168bfe73f.


As the original cpp code for this was licensed under GPL, this crate carries a similar license.

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