png 0.4.3

PNG decoding library

PNG encoder and decoder

This crate contains a PNG decoder. It supports reading of single lines or whole frames.

The decoder

The most important types for decoding purposes are Decoder and Reader. They both wrap a std::io::Read. Decoder serves as a builder for Reader. Calling Decoder::read_info reads from the Read until the image data is reached.

Using the decoder

use std::fs::File;

// The decoder is a build for reader and can be used to set various decoding options
// via `Transformations`. The default output transformation is `TRANSFORM_EXPAND
let decoder = png::Decoder::new(File::open("tests/pngsuite/basi0g01.png").unwrap());
let (info, mut reader) = decoder.read_info().unwrap();
// Allocate the output buffer.
let mut buf = vec![0; info.buffer_size()];
// Read the next frame. Currently this function should only called once.
// The default options
reader.next_frame(&mut buf).unwrap();


Not available yet