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Pastebin Rust Api

A Rust wrapper for the Pastebin Api


Add this to your Cargo.toml pastebin_rust_api = "0.2.11" under [dependencies]

Getting started

Simple usage of Paster:

extern crate pastebin_rust_api;
use pastebin_rust_api::{Paster, Access, Format, Expiration};

fn main() {
    // I recommend to put your dev key into an environment variable called `PASTEBIN_DEVELOPER_TOKEN`.
    let parser = Paster::new(Some("<YOUR DEV KEY>".to_owned()));
    let response = parser.paste("<html></html>",
    if response.is_ok() {
        if let Some(paste) = response.ok() {
            // If everything is OK, you can get the url to your code here.
            println!("{}", paste.content);

If you want to see examples for all methods, check the test folder.