passerine 0.9.2

A small extensible functional scripting language designed for concise expression with little code.
//! This module contains the compiler implementation.
//! Note that these modules are public for documentation visiblility,
//! But should never be used outside of the module by `common` or `vm`.
//! Each step in the compiler pipeline turns one datatype into another.
//! loosely, starting with `Source` (string + path):
//! 1. Tokens:   ``
//! 2. Absrtact ST: ``
//! 3. Concrete ST: ``
//! 4. Scoped ST:  ``
//! 5. Bytecode: ``
//! Note that more steps (e.g. ones applying typechecking operations, optimization passes, etc.)
//! may be implemented in the future.

pub mod lex;
pub mod parse;
pub mod desugar;
pub mod hoist;
pub mod gen;

pub mod token;
pub mod ast; // high level pre-macro IR
pub mod rule; // macro transformation
pub mod cst; // post-macro IR
pub mod sst; // hoisted IR

pub mod syntax;

pub use lex::lex;
pub use parse::parse;
pub use desugar::desugar;
pub use hoist::hoist;
pub use gen::gen;