pash 0.3.0

Simple and easy app for generating and storing passwords
# pash

## usage:
If you are using `pash` for first time, run `pash --init` in your shell. This will generate necessary files.

If you wish to create new password, run `pash create`. You can specify category using `-c` or `--category flag` (`pash create yt -c social`)

If you wish to list all passwords, run `pash view`. You also can specify password name or name you want to search (e. g. `gi` will match both `github` and `gitlab`) using `<name>` argument

## configuration:
Your passwords and config are stored at `$HOME/.config/pash` (on linux) or `%APPDATA%/pash` (on windows).
### example config:
lowercase = true # include lowercase characters
uppercase = true
symbols = true
numbers = false # exclude numbers
begin_with_letter = false # random first character
length = 10
category = "different" # default category
> **WARNING**: passwords won't generate if you leave `length = 0`.