pash 0.3.0

Simple and easy app for generating and storing passwords



If you are using pash for first time, run pash --init in your shell. This will generate necessary files.

If you wish to create new password, run pash create. You can specify category using -c or --category flag (pash create yt -c social)

If you wish to list all passwords, run pash view. You also can specify password name or name you want to search (e. g. gi will match both github and gitlab) using <name> argument


Your passwords and config are stored at $HOME/.config/pash (on linux) or %APPDATA%/pash (on windows).

example config:

lowercase = true # include lowercase characters
uppercase = true
symbols = true
numbers = false # exclude numbers
begin_with_letter = false # random first character
length = 10
category = "different" # default category

WARNING: passwords won't generate if you leave length = 0.