pandoc_ast 0.7.3

deserializes and serializes the markdown ast for writing pandoc filters

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This crate allows you to implement filters for pandoc. The easiest way is to them in conjunction with the pandoc crate. You can also create a binary that reads from stdin and writes to stdout and pass that to a normal pandoc call with --filter


extern crate pandoc;
extern crate pandoc_ast;

fn main() {
    let mut pandoc = pandoc::new();


    pandoc.add_filter(|json| pandoc_ast::filter(json, |mut pandoc| {
        for block in &mut pandoc.1 {
            use pandoc_ast::Block::*;
            *block = match *block {
                CodeBlock((_, ref kinds, _), _) if kinds.iter().next() == Some("graphviz") => {
                    // do something to change a graphviz block into an image