otool 0.1.2

The otool command displays specified parts of object files or libraries. (Mach-O File Format)
otool-0.1.2 is not a library.
$ cargo install otool
$ otool -a binary.o



otool 0.1.0
object file displaying tool

    otool [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [--] [files]...

        --help       Prints help information
    -a               Print the archive headers
        --bind       Print the mach-o binding info
    -d               Print the data section
        --export     Print the mach-o exported symbols
    -f               Print the fat headers
    -X               Print no leading addresses or headers
        --lazy       Print the mach-o lazy binding info
    -S               Print the table of contents of a library
    -l               Print the load commands
    -h               Print the mach header
        --rebase     Print the mach-o rebasing info
    -L               Print shared libraries used
    -D               Print shared library id name
    -n               Print the symbol table
    -t               Print the text section
    -v               Print verbosely (symbolically) when possible
        --version    Print the version of program
        --weak       Print the mach-o weak binding info

        --arch <cpu-type>             Specifies the architecture
    -s <segname[:sectname]>...        Print contents of section

    <files>...    The object files


cargo requires a rust installation.