osmon 0.7.0

A programming language for Uzbeks
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Programming language made by Uzbek developers.

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Programming language that adopts uzbek dialect for its keywords and delivers a new experience for developers. This project is heavily inspired from Sukhrob Khakimov's open source projects.


  • Has a virtual machine that is written in Rust
  • Uses libgccjit for static compilation
  • Has a simple syntax adopted from C family languages


funksiya faktorial(n) {
    agar n == 0 {
        qaytar 1;
    qaytar faktorial(n - 1) * n;

klass Faktorial {
    funksiya yarat(v) {
        shu._v = v;
        qaytar shu;

    funksiya qiymat() {
        agar shu._v == 0 {
            qaytar 1;

        joy f = Faktorial(shu._v - 1);
        joy v = shu._v;

        qaytar f.qiymat() * v;

funksiya asosiy() {
    yoz("Klasslik faktorial(5) = ", Faktorial(5).qiymat());
    yoz("Rekursiv faktorial(5) = ", faktorial(5));


For *NIX based operating systems, you can install Osmon by running the following command:

curl -fsSL https://osmon.dev/install/install.sh | sh

for Windows, open PowerShell and run the following command:

iwr https://osmon.dev/install/install.ps1 -useb | iex


This project is licensed under dual licence MIT and Apache-2.0 Licenses - see the MIT and Apache files for details.