osmgraphing 0.1.2

Playing around with graphs created via parsing OpenStreetMap data


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Goal of this student project is parsing openstreetmap data to calculate traffic routes on it.


The project setup has been finished and examples can be added easily, which helps a lot when implementing. The parser is able to parse pbf-files and currently just prints them. The routing kind of works, but it has to get aligned with the parser.

Now, the bridge between parser and routing is in creation-process by @dominicparga. Further, we want to visualize the routing via a small Rust-backend/JS-frontend application, where @PraiseTheFun is working on.

We have to submit our project in 1 week and the university is quite stressful these weeks, but test cases (and probably needed cleanup) will follow. :)

Setup and usage

Please refer to setup and usage to get details about the project setup and how to run the code.