oreutils 0.0.3

Installer for various Rust reimaginations of coreutils. These are not drop-in replacements.
oreutils-0.0.3 is not a library.


Build Status Current Version License: MIT/Apache-2.0

Currently a WIP

Oxidized coreutils, i.e. "coreutils without the C".

This project installs Rust CLI utilities that are reimaginations of various coreutils utilities. These are not drop-in replacements, however they typically cover most of the same functionality, and have often modernized various parts of the tool.

To get started:

cargo install oreutils
oreutils install

To upgrade your installed oreutils, run oreutils upgrade;

This tool currently installs:

  • ripgrep, a grep replacement
  • exa, an ls replacement
  • fd, a find replacement
  • bat, a cat replacement

More tools may be added. Please file an issue!