optparse 0.1.2

Simplified parsing of std::env and input arguments from the commandline



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This project is licensed under GPLv3.


Add optparse to your Project by downloading it from crates.io or simply adding it to your dependencies:

optparse = ["0.1.0"]


The documentation can be found here.


// import the crate
use optparse;

// functions/closures must take String as their only parameter
// and not return anything
fn hello(arg: String) {
    println!("Hello {} \o/", arg);
fn main() {
    // create a new parser with a parser description
    let mut parser = optargs::Parser::new("Example Description");

    // register a flag and a corresponding function to be called
    // from the command line
    // register!(flag, command description, function/closure, parser);
    register!("-welcome", "Example Description", hello, parser);

    // run the parser using the arguments from std::env
    // parse!(arguments, arguments length, parser)
    let args = std::env::args().collect();
    parse!(args.clone(), args.len() as u8, parser);

Work in Progress

  • aliasing
  • single flag parsing
  • multi parameter closures

:::info You want to contribute? Feel free to leave a comment or create a pull request. :::