openni2-sys 0.1.0

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openni2-sys: OpenNI2 Bindings

Rust bindings for OpenNI2.


OpenNI2 usually expects to be dynamically linked, and requires env variables to indicate where the libraries are.

OSX/Linux wants an env var to indicate the location of libOpenNI2.dylib/ (the OPENNI2_REDIST env var, per OpenNI2's installation instructions), while Windows wants to know the directory containing OpenNI2.lib (the OPENNI2_LIB or OPENNI2_LIB64 env vars, per the same instructions).

Runtime considerations

Depending on your installation of OpenNI2, executables that use it might correctly locate the libraries in their install location (OPENNI2_REDIST) but much more likely will require them to be in the same directory as the executable.

This will make running tests/executables with Cargo a lot more annoying, as you'll have to copy the libraries into the correct target directory. Blah.


These bindings are distributed under the MIT license, which I don't exactly know what it means, but was recommended and idgaf.

This repository contains headers for OpenNI2 with a Primsense Ltd. copyright, but they exist for reference and are not part of the compiled crate that's distributed through