openni2-sys 0.2.0

Rust bindings for OpenNI2 failed to build openni2-sys-0.2.0
Please check the build logs and, if you believe this is' fault, open an issue.

openni2-sys: OpenNI2 Bindings

Rust bindings for OpenNI2.

The reference vendor files were built with bindgen using this command, with a few additional edits:

bindgen vendor/OniCAPI.h -o src/ --whitelist-function oni.* --whitelist-type Oni.* --whitelist-var ONI_.*


OpenNI2 usually expects to be dynamically linked, and requires env variables to indicate where the libraries are.

The build script first checks the env vars OPENNI2_LIB/OPENNI2_LIB64 which (per the OpenNI2 installation instructions) is the location of OpenNI2.lib on Windows. Then it checks OPENNI2_REDIST/OPENNI2_REDIST64 which is the location of libOpenNI2.dylib or on OSX or Linux.

The env var OPENNI2_LIB(64) only needs to be set on Windows, so there should not be any conflicts from the build script checking all four possible variables.

Runtime considerations

The location in OPENNI2_REDIST(64) should be added to your PATH, or else copy OpenNI2.dll, libOpenNI2.dylib, or to the executable's directory.


These bindings are distributed under the MIT license, which I don't exactly know what it means, but was recommended and idgaf.

This repository contains headers for OpenNI2 with a Primsense Ltd. copyright, but they exist for reference and are not part of the compiled crate that's distributed through