odds 0.2.26

Odds and ends — collection miscellania. Extra functionality for slices (`.find()`, `RevSlice`), strings and other things. Debug checked variants of `get_unchecked` and `slice_unchecked`, and extra methods for strings and vectors: `repeat`, `insert_str` and `splice`. Things in odds may move to more appropriate crates if we find them.

Odds and ends — collection miscellania.

  • Utilities for debug-checked, release-unchecked indexing and slicing
  • Fixpoint combinator for closures
  • String and Vec extensions

The odds crate has the following crate feature flags:

  • std
    • Default
    • Requires Rust 1.6 to opt out of
    • Use libstd and std features.
  • unstable.
    • Optional.
    • Requires nightly channel.
    • Implement the closure traits for Fix.