num-complex 0.4.6

Complex numbers implementation for Rust
# num-complex

[![minimum rustc 1.60](](
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`Complex` numbers for Rust.

## Usage

Add this to your `Cargo.toml`:

num-complex = "0.4"

## Features

This crate can be used without the standard library (`#![no_std]`) by disabling
the default `std` feature. Use this in `Cargo.toml`:

version = "0.4"
default-features = false

Features based on `Float` types are only available when `std` or `libm` is
enabled. Where possible, `FloatCore` is used instead.  Formatting complex
numbers only supports format width when `std` is enabled.

## Releases

Release notes are available in [](

## Compatibility

The `num-complex` crate is tested for rustc 1.60 and greater.

## License

Licensed under either of

 * [Apache License, Version 2.0]
 * [MIT license]

at your option.

### Contribution

Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted
for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be
dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.